The Magic of Matcha Boost

When we were kids, Disney movie lore and bedtime tales of magic potions, super powers, and the conquering of evil giants opened up our minds to a world of endless excitement and possibility for the future. We couldn't wait to grow up and finally blast off in our rockets to Mars, saddle-up for horseback adventures, or win game 7 of the World Series.

Enter adulthood and most of us find our evil giants and bad guys look a little different than we might have expected when we were kids. Status meetings, PowerPoint decks, cost-benefit analyses, and kick-off calls stand in-between us and freedom. We cram our workouts, and social lives into early mornings and late nights during the week and two-day weekends that seem as short as treadmill minutes seem long. How often do we give our workouts, our friends, or loved ones 100% of ourselves? Not as often as we’d like to.

For years, we've eked by on expensive lattes, sugary energy-drinks, maybe even caffeine pills, only to be left jittery, broke, or in a vicious cycle of  "recharge > deplete > be a zombie > be miserable > recharge, repeat.” So yes, we're grown up now, but that flicker of excitement for the future left over from childhood still illuminates the question… "Isn't there something magic I can have??" Well, we are glad you’re here. 

Matcha tea traces its roots as far back as the 10th century. It is a focal point of zen Buddhist ceremony, it has aided doctors in the treatment of diseases and cancers, and has been the center point of japanese tea ceremony allowing health and longevity to be synonymous with Japanese culture. The point is, this tea has range. 

Today, Matcha now helps every-day super heroes like you and me naturally boost metabolism, and sustain energy throughout the day. Clear focus at work, clean energy in the gym, and finally the ability to unwind with friends and family without being completely exhausted.

Tried and true, Matcha is an absolute powerhouse. Your body will thank you for taking this stuff daily, here is what you’re getting yourself into when you take MatchaBoost daily.

Matcha is insanely healthy

Matcha naturally contains vitamins A and C for your immune system, vision, cell growth, and neurotransmitter health, potassium for your blood pressure, muscle health, digestion and hydration, and even fiber. When we consume Matcha, we're consuming the entire leaf. So while coffee and other teas are made from straining water through grounds and dried fragments of plants, we are able to reap every single benefit of the matcha plant, leaving nothing behind or wasted. It's an all-around health booster and energy provider, but what makes Matcha truly worthy of legendary, other-worldly magic status is its over-abundant, literal "megadose" amount of antioxidants...

Matcha has TONS of antioxidants

We put oxidants into our bodies every day. Try as we may, we still ingest food, touch surfaces, even breathe air containing molecules that when reacted with other molecules in our body, create inflammation and disease. These molecules are called oxidants, and sorry, they're unavoidable. Lucky for us, matcha contains an unparalleled amount of antioxidants, more than 20 times more than the lauded blueberry and pomegranate.

Matcha fights cancer

Oxidative damages to DNA cause mutation and genomic instability, which are major contributing factors in the initiation, promotion and progression of carcinogenesis - the initiation of cancer formation. Matcha contains catechins which are a class of flavonoids – plant-based chemicals that help protect plants from environmental toxins, repair damage. They also happen to have an incredibly powerful antioxidant effects in humans. Research has proven catechins' ability to rebuild damaged cells and DNA within our bodies and fight the ugly disease that is cancer.

Lose weight

The age old, constantly evolving, mind-bending, doubt-inflicting, confidence-crushing issue. Set your concerns about looking fit for the summer aside— losing weight is one of the best things you can do for your long-term health. Matcha helps boost metabolism, burn more calories, and fat. Here is how it works:

To burn fat, your body must first break down the fat cell and the fat enters your bloodstream.

The main antioxidant in tea, EGCG, helps inhibit an enzyme that breaks down the hormone norepinephrine. When this happens, the amount of norepinephrine increases, promoting fat breakdown. The caffeine and EGCG compound found in Matcha work in synergy to break down your fat cells release them into your bloodstream to be used as energy by your muscles.

Goodbye, jitters

It is believed that both Japanese Samurai warriors and Zen Buddhist monks used matcha because of its equally energizing and calming properties. Neither group has ever been seen waiting in long lines to buy expensive lattes that are laden with fat and sugar first thing in the morning. What’s different about Matcha? Why doesn’t black coffee suffice? Matcha contains more than its fair share of L-theanine, which promotes relaxation without drowsiness. L-theanine is also believed to aid in memory and learning, something that caffeine alone has been actually been shown to inhibit. So while Buddhist monks in the 10th century might not have been able to say exactly why matcha helped them zen, we can.

It’s Easy

So why not just drink it? Anyone that has ever made their own Matcha knows, this can take time and be a bit of a mess. The taste of pure matcha can also be a bit unwelcoming as it is very bitter and tastes closer to a wheatgrass shot than it does a nice cup of tea. Yes, cafes often offer Matcha lattes and though they are tasty, they’re often loaded with cream and sugar. Thus, Matcha Boost was born. An easy affordable way to get your Matcha fix and allow you to stay happy, healthy, alert, and focused on anything life throws you. We hope you enjoy the magic of Matcha Boost

Written by Danny Schaefer